Red and Gold dress commission

I finished a slightly larger commission dress and thought that it deserves an entry of it’s own. Iria got to model it because it’s close to what she wore when she was still a regular human -style wise. Otherwise it’s a bit too luxurious for her and red & gold aren’t really her colours either. They’d gotten this same fabric in a camel tone as well, but I wish they’d have a different, darker brown and I could make something similar out of it for Iria. I love it because it feels super soft and looks a lot like suede, though it’s polyester. It stains quite a bit though and I ended up with a pink sewing machine and Sigrun’s hips turned pink too (she modeled it until I finished it because her clothes were less of a hassle to take off, lol).

But well, I have undergarments in the works for Iria and a corset. Maybe one of these days I’ll find fabric for the outer pieces of the outfit as well… I hope. Her outfit will be somewhat different and more plain.

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Snow and steel

Uugh, I’ve been busy, thus no updates in a while. But I’m alive! And today I took some time to take Iria out in her armours before there’s a lot of snow (though I bet that’ll melt soon anyway). I have some outfits planned for her that I’d like to sew this month. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to find the missing fabrics and if I have time. I mean, I’ve made some time between Christmas and New Year, but if my family distracts me non-stop, I won’t be able to work on it anyway. Sigh.

This was my first proper test with her after the torso change and elbow mods and she worked fine. I’m gonna test her arms with thicker string, though.

Oh well, now it’s back to commissions…

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Story: Journeys end

I’m (really slowly) working on a new outfit for Iria. I never even had a proper shoot in her original one, but oh well. I’ve had the design and some of the patterns done for months already and I even made one piece of it some time ago, but I have a hard time deciding which fabrics to use for the rest of it. That and I keep getting distracted: like yesterday, I was going to start cutting the fabrics. I took them all out and everything. And then I found nice leggins fabrics from by pile and instead, cut like 15 pairs of leggins (SD16/DDdy, SD & MSD size). Lol. =__=;; The sales coats are still in the works too. Oh, and last night I dug out an old silk dress I made 4 years ago, pretty much cut off the back and started making a new back hem to make it nicer and useable for Prisca.
And let’s not even speak of the SG corset I started last year, the shirts I cut for Null at the same time and another SD silk dress I cut a year ago. I have too much unfinished stuff. Though, right now I really wanna do something nice for my own dolls. ♥

Anyway, finally managed to finish this story.

The summer was coming to an end. The trees were dropping their leaves in the wind and amidst them, a lonely figure limped in the forest.

At times the woman had thought she felt something in the woods but calling out to it had brought her no answers. Must’ve been an animal.

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Almost like a new arrival (Warning: NSFW!)

This post relates to my original Zenith comparison again. And this entry is going to be looong.

Remember how I said I’d love to have the new body’s legs and the rest from the old body? Well, with Iria that’s not an option because she needs the new arms for the armour parts, but changing the torso would also be a HUGE step-up because the new body torso joint is just insufferable. I get so frustrated with its lack of posing and snapping back that I’ve been ready to throw the doll at a wall several times. 。゜(`Д´)゜。

So, I went and asked Souldoll if they would sell me the old body torso alone. To which they replied that it’s impossible. They have issues with casting the old bodies (which is why any orders with the old female body are delayed by a lot apparently). I replied and posted them photos of my body comparisons and said that I was very displeased with the new body and that it’s not worth what I paid for it. I also pointed out that they’re still selling the old body, so why can’t they make the torso for me. But they replied that they’ll be discontinuing it shortly. Clearly, they’re not willing to fix the master molds despite a lot of people liking the look of the old body. (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
They said they’d offer to sell me parts from the new body, but what the hell would I do with those? The new body is the problem in it’s entirety. And also that they’ll be looking into fixing the problems with the new body… sometime. Mainly the resin dust and gapping issues, probably not the shape of the joint, I don’t know. But for now there was no solution for me, so I gave up.

Then, later that same day I got an email from Souldoll that said they found an old body from their warehouse that had resin dust issues in the arms, but the torso was okay, so they could sell that to me. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ I nearly jumped out of my seat. But the message didn’t mention a resin colour, so I was a little wary and asked them if it was white skin. But nope, I got an instant reply saying that they’re sorry, they got confused and that the body they had was normal skin. (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

At that point I was even more disappointed. When I messaged them, I was thinking that the worst they could do was say no. After their email I got my hopes up and then got shot down even lower than I was before. I wanted to forget the whole thing at that point. =____=;;

But then, the next morning I had another email from Souldoll waiting in my inbox, saying that they found one more body from their warehouse and that was white skin. (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ Whoop~! I was instantly like yes, yes I’ll buy it, yes! Let me buy it (even if it’s yellowed, I’ll take it )! I was afraid of mentioning this purchase anywhere because I was still kind of sceptical that I’d get it. They could send me the ns one, or a new torso… or it could get lost in the mail and I’d never get it ever… endless possibilities for a pessimist. :P

But now it’s here!
ヽ(´∇´)ノ (∇´ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´∇) ヽ(´∇`)ノ
Even more miraculous that it managed to slip past customs. Nowadays they grab even damn tiniest letters, so how they let this one slide by, I have no idea. But saved me some 30€ there.

tl:dr Bought a new (old body) torso for Iria from Souldoll

Had to make a box opening because this almost feels like getting a new doll (mostly because Iria has just been sitting on my doll shelf since her arrival as I hate the body):

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I was planning on taking large!Pris photos today, but I noticed that her eyes will come tomorrow, so I postponed that shoot. And yayy, Iria is done, so I went out for a test shoot with her instead. I ran out of MSC semi-gloss and silver airbrush paint (well almost) and ran low on other paints too. Phew. I also finally fixed her eyebrows. I don’t think I did that much to them but her expression is sooo much better now. ♥

She doesn’t have the shield in these photos because she was already getting a bit too heavy to carry in one hand. Next I’ll need to test her with my Husky to see if he’ll be a human character like I planned or if he’ll join Iria’s story. xD

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Something heavy… [edited]

I ordered the Justitia armour set for Iria back in December and it finally arrived yesteday (a heavy armour package and a light feather package arrived together). I dyed it yesterday and painted it today, but the lance is still not done. I realized that I’m running out of MSC semi-gloss and I really hope there’s enough for it, too, because it takes several months for me to get more. =__=

Anyway, a bit of arrival and wip photos and some babble about it.

EDIT// Added some more detailed armour photos to the end -as if the entry wasn’t img heavy enough

It all started with yet another Zenith box.

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Guided by the Light

I’m so sorry some of these are a different colour (last ones most notably and the gif), but I went out at sunset and naturally the light kept fading. I would’ve edited them similar from the RAW images, but I accidentally rolled the mode dial on my camera at some point and thus didn’t get raw images of half of the photos. Sigh.

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Backlog: The Gateway Tree

More late posts. This time it’s Sigrun out in the forest. I actually made my way to this curved tree, that I often keep eyeing (because I can see it from my other photo locations) but I’ve only gone to it once before. It’s hard to get to: there used to be a path but two trees have fallen down and blocked it effectively. I had to go around them and it’s not easy going that way -especially in summer when it’s swampy out there. And during winter it’s a bit dangerous because of the holes between all the rocks. But that day the tree just called to me, so I went there. I followed some animal tracks (raccoon dogs and rabbits probably) and got there somewhat easily. :3

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New girl

So, my Souldoll Devonia arrived on November 19th. She was bit of an impulse buy and I still have nothing for her, although she took almost 3 months to arrive. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like her or not. And I have to say that I’m a bit dissappointed in her, and still don’t know if she’ll work for me or not. But I’ll paint her and get her ready and see then. If she doesn’t she’ll go out as a customized full set, probably.

My two biggest issues with her are:

Skin: Souldoll advertised her as violet grey and even told mizya that it’s darker and more grey than their Kayla was. Well, the grey is nowhere to be seen. She looks to be the same colour as Soom’s purple resin and I really don’t like it, it’s kind of gross. So, I can only hope I can hide it in photos and that she’ll grey out in time. Hopefully soon. Because she’s VERY purple. I actually wish I’d gone with my gut and bought her in white (maybe someone would like to trade), but souldoll said it was more grey and I believed them. I should know better by now. My only consolation is that the purple skin will yellow nicer than white would. White would turn yellow, whereas this will turn grey first and only then start to yellow.

Body: I already knew I’d hate the boob joint and the legs that are strung together. The legs aren’t actually as bad as I’d feared (I might still want to mod them if I end up keeping her). My biggest issue, however, is the head size. I ASKED Souldoll to provide a shot with the shoulders visible but they said “lol no, the head is a good size for the body”. …It’s really not. The body is so tiny and the shoulders so small that the head looks really big on it. In this instance, I am again wishing that I’d gone for a white doll, because I could then hybrid her into another body. Now I have to live with this and hope that clothes, wig and everything else hides the size.

I’m also a bit annoyed that Souldoll glues the special parts together even though I did not order painting. They’d be so much easier to paint if they weren’t intact already. Also, the parts are white so painting them is a pain. They have nothing on Withdoll, really. The attachments are kind of sucky too. The scythe is wobbly in the middle, but I didn’t keep it so, it’s not my problem. xD

Oh well, I’ll work on her, slowly but surely, and then see how I feel about her. I like her face, so I at least love that part of her. Even if her body is an idiot. TI need to make her some proper clothing and see how I feel about her then. And the face up needs some touch ups as well. Oh, and she’s still wearing her default Souldoll eyes because I don’t have any others for her that look nice. They’re okay for now.

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Story: Negotiation

Okay, so so so sorry these are horrid flash photos. I had no other choice and then I had to quit before I was even done because my flash ran out of batteries. And though I used every battery I could get my hands on, I wasn’t able to get more than a few extra shots. But I got most of what I wanted covered, so I guess it’s okay. Still sorry about the horrid quality. I wasn’t able to give Yami the expressions she needed because there were no proper shadows to play with. Stupid weather. I shot this a few weeks ago but didn’t really have the energy to write it up before now.


The Spider’s Lair was surprisingly cozy and glamorous. It even smelled nice and flowery.

Somnion had been expecting something dark and dank.

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Rising from the Fog

I’ve been trying to do this shoot for days now, but today was the first time I succeeded. I’ve been waking up in the crack of dawn and cycling to the lake to see if there’s fog. Today there was so I cycled right back, picked up Sigrun and went back. Only I was in such a hurry that I forgot my rubber boots and had to go into the lake barefoot. Oh well, let’s just hope I don’t catch a cold because I have things to do.

I love this Souldoll dress even more now that I noticed that it floats, instead of sinking.

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